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My fiancee is in a California prison on a probation violation.

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My fiancee is in a California prison on a probation violation. She has now learned the 2 counties have "possible holds" on her. (As in they would hold her past her release date in case additional charges are filed.) I have researched this, and "possible holds" are often clerical errors or oversights of some kind. These holds are preventing my fiancee from entering an alternative custody program. She has filed the proper forms of inquiry and sent them, but that doesn't mean action will be taken any sooner than normal. (Possible holds expire 5 days after the official release date of the inmate, when no authorities take them into custody. Those are just 5 extra days incarcerated. My question is, will an attorney be able to learn exactly what these holds are as well as take care of whatever is necessary to have them removed much faster than mailing forms?
Hi Jacustomer,

My name is XXXXX XXXXX I am a criminal lawyer.

Yes, a lawyer should be able to find out whether there are 2 holds on your fiance or not and what the nature of those holds are. As to whether he can expedite the removal of those holds, that's a different story, and will depend in great part upon what the holds are all about, which, of course, no attorney will know at the time you first consult with him.

That's why they can't promise results when it comes to retaining them but want to be paid for their work, win or lose. Criminal lawyers cannot take cases on contingency the way that civil lawyers are allowed to do.
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