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In 2002 my cousin was convicted of Murder First degree in Michigan,

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In 2002 my cousin was convicted of Murder First degree in Michigan, given life, this is a small town and everyone has always said the other people there at the time were part of the crime more so then my cousin, who was under influence, for ten years everyone has said he didn't get a fair trial because of a lot of issues as far as people who testified being scared, drug addicts. The other person there is now facing attempted murder charges as a 4th time habitual. There is a lot of holes in my cousins case we have never been able to get help with. What is our best route to get his case relooked at now.
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I am obligated to only provide legally accurate information in response to your question. In all cases in all states, there is a policy preference for finality. That means at a certain point, no court has the authority to review the case. Procedurally, there is nothing more to do directly with your cousin's case in the courts due to the passage of time.

Beyond that, however, if you can show there were facts or circumstances that would prove his innocence, I would suggest you consider contacting the governor's office regarding a potential pardon or commutation. There is no time limit on that.

A pardon is just what you would expect. Forgiveness from the governor and release from custody. A commutation is slightly different and means a shortening of the sentence.

Information on the process can be found here,4551,7-119-1435_11601-223452--,00.html

The forms are here

If you have more questions please feel free to ask. I'll be happy to answer them. If you do not, please do remember to rate my service in assistance to you today.

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