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He was very violent and struct the emt on scene. Will this

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He was very violent and struct the emt on scene. Will this hurt and the fact that he was let off on similar charges a month ago?
Hello again,

Can you tell me if bail was set on him at his arraignment?

Also what sort of injuries did the EMS worker sustain? Finally, why was EMS involved in this incident, if you know.

Use the reply tab below. All of that will give me a better idea of what took place and the strength of the prosecutor's case.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The EMT was called on scene because my son refused to stay down an was beaten each time he tried to get up. I believe he kicked the EMT as they were tranfering him to a gerney. Bail is 10,000.00 cash.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

10k csh. He is a flight risk.

Hi Charlie,

Thanks for the reply and sorry for the delay. I was finishing with another customer.

I don't think any of this would automatically rule out a probation possibility. Especially if he got himself beaten up pretty badly, he may actually turn out to be a sympathetic defendant.

If this just happened you need to get some photos of your son's injuries because he might also have a brutality suit that he could file, depending on what the facts show, and he doesn't have a great deal of time necessarily, to put the county on notice that one day he may sue. This is something he needs to take up quickly with his lawyer.

The fact that he's a flight risk may be more of a deterrent to a probation offer than the fact that he kicked at an EMS worker when he was obviously tired of being manhandled. So it's very important that he keep his court dates.

There are specialty courts too involving probation, for which he may be eligible. If he has mental health issues, for example, undiagnosed or otherwise, that keep him from being able to control his anger, or substance abuse problems that could account for a lack of self control, the courts have treatment oriented probation options too which could help with his case and also to give him the tools he needs so that he can avoid something like this.

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