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I am currently in litigation with a company that travels the

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I am currently in litigation with a company that travels the US and puts on teaching Seminars for physicians wanting to learn cosmetic procedures. Unfortunately the instructors are fraudulently claiming they are physicians and administering medications to the students/subjects..i was injured and have permanent scarring as a result.
My strategy is first the lawsuit, then if possible I want to press criminal charges. Is there a statue of limitations as to how long I have to make these criminal charges? I realize that a settlement may make this a mute point if I sign a non-disclosure in exchange for money, but just in case it does not go that way, is one year 2 years the limit as to how long I have to go to the police?
If the case is dragged out I don't want to lose my ability to press charges....

Thelawman2 :

This would most likely fall under a battery or assault charge. Such a charge has a statute of limitations of 1 year in California.


thank you...

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