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My friend has a criminal record for shoplifting that was dismissed.

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My friend has a criminal record for shoplifting that was dismissed. We live in MA. He would like to get the record seal. What is the process and what does he need as far as paperwork. He has already filed and has a hearing on the 9/23/13.
Hello and welcome

My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be providing you the information you request in this regard

Please tell me what has already been file and what is the hearing for on 9-23-13 as you state?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Petition to have his records sealed in Waltham/Watertown Massachusetts court house. This is his first time trying to seal the records.

Thank you

I suggest that he will want to bring with him any letters of rejection that he might has showing that he was denied employment and that the charge on his record is a direct cause of these rejections

Also, it will help to have letters from anyone in the community as to his character - letters from an employer, a clergy, neighbors and friends

So at this hearing the judge will use those letters, etc to decide if removing this from the CORI is in the best interest. If that is Ordered, then there will be another hearing wherein the sealing will itself be Ordered

Once he gets that final Order he will need to take that to the arresting agency so they can see that are now ordered to remove any and all information from the data base as it pertains to this situation.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
He has not applied for any jobs due to health issues, however, he is now getting ready to start looking. Therefore, he has no letters of denial. His concern has to do with the nature of his profession and if he has to disclose this on application, then he could have major complications of not being hired due to it being a close knit profession.

Thank you

Then in that case, I suggest he present the information on what his profession is and how it would be detrimental to have the arrest/charge remain on the CORI
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
One more question. If his record is sealed, can a university or college see that when looking up his Cori. In other words, would his cori state that he has something sealed.

Once the record is sealed, it cannot be viewed by the public, even employers and thus, when asked about a record on an application he can honestly answer NO

However, he must be certain to take a certified copy of that Final Court Order to the arresting agency so all the information can be removed from the system
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