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Hypothetically: what if U think law enforcement or govt is

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Hypothetically: what if U think law enforcement or gov't is following U, coddling U n sending lights n sounds thru ur TV ? And hypothetically U abused n illegal substance for several years.
Hi jacustomer,

If you have nothing more than the fact that you think this may be true, there will be virtually no chance of any legal authorities taking your complaint seriously. With allegations like this, you would need to show tangible proof that would give rise to probable cause. Probable cause is a reasonable belief that an offense is probably being committed and that a particular person or persons may have something to do with it.

You're not going to get anyone's attention if all that you have is an unsubstantiated suspicion. They will likely hint that this is a medical problem in perception caused by the years of substance abuse.

Proof is the key, with which nobody can argue.

Good luck.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Would the observance of what was mentione previously by others never recreationally using anything ..... also note Billy's hypo use limited to once or twice/week n last 2 years or so.

If you have credible witnesses who observed these facts while not under the influence of any substances, that can be enough to motivate the authorities to look into the matter.

As for the other, I'm no doctor, and I am only able to talk in general from my years representing drug clients in treatment, but heavy drug use can sometimes cause permanent cognitive problems.
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