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I hired a friend of mine who was supposedly a webdesigner.

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I hired a friend of mine who was supposedly a webdesigner. He even has a webdesigning card and business name. He charged me $550 in August to design my site as the first one was a free design from so it was not his design. Then my other site was a copy of the first site. He charged me an extra $300 for that site but then today I spoke to a cop who said all his threatens, and harrassments are a class c misdemeanor that he would be arrested for if he did not stop. After I texted him this, He stoped texting but stole my Business Account on Google Adwords that I use for advertising. It has two of my bank cards as he charged one with $300, and later $1050 all today. Finally he sends me an invoice for $300 on paypal. Is this criminal offense? Do I have to pay a lawyer to sue him in order for him to be arrested? What do I do? What is the offense?
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Q) Is this criminal offense?

It sure sounds like it to me.

You didn't really explain what you meant by threats and harassment, but that is a potential crime if you took his threats serious. Clearly, the use of your Google account with the two bank cards and charging $1,350.00 without your permission is a crime. Finally, it is possible that he fraudulently stole money from you by claiming to design a website for you if he never intended to really do anything other than get your money.

Report these matters to your local police department. You will likely need to speak with a detective. You do NOT need to call "911" as this is not an emergency. Give the officer or detective with whom you speak all the details you can: who he is, how long you've known him, the address where he lives, his phone number, what he said when, what he claimed he could do for you, how much money you paid him, how much money he stole and when, etc. If you have documentation, take that and let the police make copies. (At least retain copies for yourself.) The police may or may not investigate the crime, or may refer you to another agency.

If a law enforcement agency investigates and believes it has probable cause to charge this person, they will. If convicted, the person could be ordered by the court, as part of his criminal sentence, to repay you restitution. Restitution is money to "restore" you back to normal, i.e. where you would have been had he not committed the crime(s) against you.

You could also sue this person in civil court. You would retain an attorney who practices business law. This could be cost prohibitive. In other words, the cost of the attorney would probably be more than the damages (i.e. the money) that you could recover from this guy. If you do not know a business law attorney in your area, try the Texas State Bar attorney referral service. They may be able to help.

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