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What are some acceptable defenses to a charge of driving without

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What are some acceptable defenses to a charge of driving without a license in Maryland.


Unfortunately, there really aren't many:

-- you renewed it and can prove it but the new one hasn't come in the mail yet..

- you couldn't have possibly known your licnese was suspended. (Sometimes, for example, someone else uses the car, gets tickets, fails to pay them and it kicks back at you).

But generally, there's really no good defense here. There are only excuses, and they are not legal defenses. Guilty with an excuse is still guilty.

The best thing to do with a case like this is to clear the suspansion ASAP and bring proof to the court that you've resolved the problem. Under those circumstances, the prosecutor may be willing to dismiss or reduce the charges, particularly if you have a lawyer to negotiate for you.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

This is a situation where the driver has never been issued a license. She still has to take the test. Can she just try to get the license before showing up in court and perhaps ask the judge for a PBJ and/or pay any applicable fines?

Yes. Absolutely, but that wasn't the question that you first asked.

She knew she never had a license and that she had no right to drive, so there's no defense to this. However, if she can get the license by the time she shows up, or at least show that she's got an appointment for the test, shc can ask for the PBJ and have a good chance at getting one.

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