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Identity theft

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I am 20 years old, about 4 months ago I opened 2 lines of credit under my fathers name. Now, one of those accounts has gone delinquent and in order for my parents to get that expunged from their credit, they need to let the credit card company know that it was not them who opened the line of credit. My parents are willing to work this out with me, but I know I face a legal battle. What kind of punishment am I looking at? What are our next steps? I know we need to hire a lawyer, but am I going to jail? Unfortunately I spent over $4,000

The credit card company will turn this matter over to the prosecutor, but frankly, this is a non-violent felony, and the victims were your parents.

This would be a class 4 felony, if you have no prior felonies, which in Illinois has a minimum of a year in jail and a maximum of 3 years of prison. However, probation is an option, with such an offense, and while I can't guarantee it for you, probation with resititution (paying back the money) is the standard plea offer on a case of this sort.
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