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I was arrested for COC for not turning in an accounting by

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I was arrested for COC for not turning in an accounting by a certain date. I could not do it. I gave it to attorney and accountant to do, they did not get it done so judge sent me to jail, it took one week before attorney turned over the paperwork to get out on purge order. Now I have a mugshot all over the internet, and a record of arrest. I applied for a job as insurance adjuster and was denied because of the arrest. Is there anyway I can get that record removed??? I believe I was wrongfully incarcerated because I did not 'willfully' disobey a court order, as I did not have possession of what I was supposed to turn in. Do I have any recourse?
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Q) Is there anyway I can get that record removed?

You need to have the record of your arrest sealed and/or expunged. Once a record is sealed, it is no longer a "public" record, although law enforcement has access to it. Thus, your prospective employer will not see that you were arrested or incarcerated. When a record is expunged, law enforcement is notified that you have a sealed record, but they cannot access it without a court order.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement has an excellent summary on enpungement. That's the place to start. You might retain an attorney as well. If you do not know one in your area, try the Florida State Bar attorney referral serbice. They should be able to point you in the right direction.

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