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I was assaulted by multiple very armed security officers 2

Customer Question

I was assaulted by multiple very armed security officers 2 days ago. My partner was attacked by one of the officers which led to him beat and bruised. We are photographers and were taking a pic of the sign of a temple in boca raton florida from the public sidewalk when my partner was approached by this SO and demanded to turn over his camera. My partner refused to turn over the camera , then the SO asked to see ID and my partner refused saying he was doing nothing wrong and to please call the police. The SO told him it wasn't necessary to call the police and that he will handle it. It was at that time my partner was struck in the face by the SO taking down to the ground beaten and held on the ground against his will till PD was on scene. I have most of it on video. The Boca Police dropped the ball as well stating because their was no witness, even know I saw him beating my partner with my own eyes, that one story washers out the other. The police officer said that my partner spit on him so the so attacked him and they are both at fault. We then tried to press charges and they wouldn't let us. No arrests were made. Even after the iccendent m we went to the police station to press charges again, when the sergeant said that we couldn't.

To make everything worse, I decided to look into the attacker S.O and company and found out that the S.O that attacked my partner is the owner of the company and has a very bad previous criminal history including perjury, falsifying doc.s domestic violence against his wife. Was fired from the West palm beach PD and Belle Glade PD and so much more

Please advise your thoughts
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Hammer O'Justice replied 3 years ago.

If the police refuse to press charges and you have gone as high up the chain as you can there, then I would suggest contacting the prosecutor's office directly to see if they will press charges. Prosecutors can also file charges even if the police decline to charge.

Your other option is to file a civil lawsuit for assault and battery. It is essentially the same as a criminal assault, except the standard of proof is lower and you are suing for money damages rather than prosecuting for jail time. If either of you incurred any medical bills you can seek compensation for that as well as pain and suffering. Because the security guard was working for a company at the time, you will likely also have a case against his employer because he was acting within the scope of his employment at the time. If you choose to pursue this route, a personal injury lawyer would be your best bet to handle the case (if you need help finding one, you can use a directory like

These remedies are not mutually exclusive so you can seek criminal prosecution while also pursuing a civil case. One does not preclude the other so if you choose you can try to get the prosecutor's office to criminally charge him while still going forward with a civil lawsuit.

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