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if i have a warrant in texas and colorado for theft, what state

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if i have a warrant in texas and colorado for theft, what state will not extradite me. like colorado did not arrest me for my warrant in texas.

If Colorado didn't extradite you, it's because Texas didn't wish to pick you up. it's no skin off of Colorado's back, so to speak, to get you back to Texas. The expense of that is borne by Texas who would have to send a team of officers to come get you and bring you back.

States do not extradite for misdemeanor charges, so if the theft offense is not a serious one, you would not have to worry about that. But all states give full faith and credit to a felony warrant, and the wanting state(s) would be contacted if you're picked up in any US state or territory to find out if you should be detained or not.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The reason i ask is, I plan on moving to California and will need a new drivers license. Will they arrest me on the spot?


You cannot get a driver's license with an outstanding warrant. The DMV will do a computer check of the national data base and it will turn up.

Most DMVs don't have the manpower to arrest you on the spot. What they can do, however, is to tie you up long enough to have someone waiting outside the door as you leave. I can't promise that will happen -- if the warrant's a misdemeanor it likely won't -- but in my experience, it definitely can happen.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

ok im almost done. Can i get a state id with no problems? I just have to be worried about getting stopped by a police officer, correct? If i do get stopped, they can hold me up to 30 days? while the arresting state decides if they will come get me?


I have read that California will not check for warrants for applicants for a state ID, but the information was not on any official sites. What I do know for sure is that warrants are in the national data base and thus the DMV could find them easily if they wished and it were their policy.

I'd recommend an anonymous call to the DMV and just ask the if you can get a non-driver's ID if you may have a warrant from another state.

If you are arrested and held for extradition, the wanting state would have 30 days to come get you before it would be considered an unreasonable enough delay that a lawyer could bring a writ to try to get you released.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Ok thank you. I did think about calling the dmv and asking which i know will do. I hope you can answer this last question as its rather important. When an employer runs a background check in California will i be denied the job?


Unfortunately, yes, you can be denied a job. In general, offenders are not a protected class and can be discriminated against. A warrant, and for a theft offense at that, is evidence of bad character. It may be very difficult to find a good job and housing with a criminal history.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Ok yeah that makes sense. I think im going to take my chances haha. at least in jail i'll have a roof over my head. Thank you for your help

You're welcome.

Sorry not to have anything encouraging to say, but I'm sure you want to know the truth.

Warrant matters are just not good news, though people have been known to avoid arrest for years and years and years.

So, best of luck to you!
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