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I told a girl she spoils her daughter to much. It was a heated

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I told a girl she spoils her daughter to much. It was a heated argument but I never threatened her or called her any names other than a bad mom. I also apologized many times over. Well now she is telling everyone I know, that she is going to press charges on me. I cant figure out why. I saved all my text messages. After reading them many times over again. I didnt call her any names (other than bad mom) and she told everyone that I called her daughter a "spoiled fuc*ing brat". which I didnt, I have all the text messages. I actually feel like I am being harassed. Everyday I think "can I have charges pressed on me for that?". so my question: can someone press charges on me for calling her a bad mom (but not threatning her in anyway). Btw she is also a cop so she is using the badge as a scare weapon
Welcome to JustAnswer. Was this argument solely through text messages?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.


Alright, thank you for the additional information. It is not a crime to tell someone that they are a bad mother. That falls under constitutionally protected speech. It sounds like she is just trying to scare you. It can be a crime to repeatedly harass someone after they have indicated they do not want you contacting them, but this sounds like there was a back and forth. If that is the case, I would not spend another minuted worrying about this.

Obviously you want to save all those text messages. I would also pull your cell phone records to show that there were not additional text messages that you deleted. (One potential problem with that is if both phones were iPhones, iMessages do not appear on your phone records as text messages because they are transmitted as data and go through Apple's servers.)

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

She did tell me not to text her back, after she said that I apologized to her. is that herasment being she told me not to text her back or she is going to press charges. It was only an apology


No, apologizing is not harassment. My guess is she is just telling people that knowing that it will get back to you and hoping it scares you.

She could not decide if you are charged with a crime. Only the prosecutor's office can do that and I cannot imagine they would even seriously consider it based upon those facts. Again though, keep those text messages so you have evidence to back up what happened in case she lies about what was said. After doing that, I would stop worrying about it.
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