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Alex J. Esq.
Alex J. Esq., Attorney at Law
Category: Criminal Law
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My teenage son turned into athletic director for pot use.

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My teenage son turned into athletic director for pot use. He is going to be confronted tomorrow am by the athletic director. Should he admit to the drugs or not?

Alex J. Esq. :

Hello. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be glad to help you.

Alex J. Esq. :

Are you online with me?

Customer: Yes sir
Alex J. Esq. :

Welcome to

Alex J. Esq. :

I am very sorry to learn about your son's unfortunate situation.

Alex J. Esq. :

Can you please tell me how old is your son?

Customer: He is 17.
Alex J. Esq. :

Can you tell me whether your son in fact uses pot and who turned him in and what evidence of the pot use exist?

Customer: He admitted to us tonight that he has experimented over the past couple months a couple times. We do not believe him, but he went to a friends house Sun eve and a couple other athletes say they saw him with it and another coach over heard at a practice the next day and told the AD. He has interviewed the other boys and is calling m
Customer: my son in tomorrow to confront him that they say he had a joint. He says he tried it but threw it Iin a camp fire Said no one saw him. He just lost a great grandmother Sat.
Alex J. Esq. :

I understand.

Alex J. Esq. :

Well, I think more important issue here is really how to prevent your son from future use of marijuana, as it can slowly ruin his health, future and eventually his life.

Alex J. Esq. :

Basically, it is never a good idea to admit to a crime.

Customer: Amen! We totally agree
Alex J. Esq. :

Also, the parent should be present during any type of questioning by the coach.

Alex J. Esq. :

Keep in mind that coach is the school official and has a duty to report illegal activity to the school administration and police.

Customer: That is exactly what we are worried about. My son has never even been in trouble one time He has been as same school since K. We believe in telling the truth, but not sure what to do.
Alex J. Esq. :

When will your son turn 18?

Customer: Ju
Customer: July 20th, 2014.
Alex J. Esq. :


Alex J. Esq. :

Well, you would want to be present with your son during any questioning and as I said it is not a good idea for a person to incriminate himself and that is why our constitution has built in safeguard against self-incrimination.

Alex J. Esq. :

However, it is important for you to confront your son and to seriously address this issue...

Alex J. Esq. :

It might involve you requiring your son to take drug tests, join Narcotics Anonymous or even enter into a drug treatment facility, if all else fail.

Customer: Agreed. Will he not incriminate himself if he refuses to answer or just denies it?
Alex J. Esq. :

I know this sounds harsh, but early intervention is the key and while many teens experiment with drugs, there is a huge risk of addiction and related issues, that I am sure you do not want to take when it comes to your son.

Alex J. Esq. :

Basically, your son under no obligation to discuss this matter with the coach.

Alex J. Esq. :

It is always better to remain silent, rather to make up lies.

Customer: very good advice. We will do so and I can not thank you enough!
Alex J. Esq. :

Of course your son athletic career might suffer because of this issue, but it might actually work out for the better, as a good starting lesson not to engage in pot use in the future.

Customer: we will get him in treatment. I do believe we caught it early and it may be a b
Customer: essingblessing!
Alex J. Esq. :

Please keep in mind, if there is any type of criminal investigation related to this issues, that ensues anytime in the future, you would want to contact local criminal defense attorney and have your son closely follow the advice of such local attorney.

Alex J. Esq. :

I agree.

Alex J. Esq. :

Early intervention is the key.

Customer: thank you
Alex J. Esq. :

You might also consider taking your son to a local Narcotics Anonymous meeting, it is free and your son will get peer support and will hear so many horror stories from former addicts, that will likely keep him away from drugs.

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