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please explain to me how a South Carolina judge can release on bond a man who was molestin

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please explain to me how a South Carolina judge can release on bond a man who was molesting his 2 daughters he even has the right to move back in with them. this situation has given him all the rights and it seems the mother and childern have none. they have no protection from him. the three of them are scared to death. It seems it will be easier for the mother to be locked than for him..It seems the law has no concern for the victims. Yes she took her kids and left when they told her what was happening but now it seems she is the one that broke the family by things that are said. where are the victims rights and the protection from the violator.
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Are you entirely certain he is going back to live in the same house with the mother and children? That would be highly unusual in a case such as this.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

they told her he had that right if he wanted to move in with them

How much was his bond when he made it?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

eight thousand

That is a relatively low bond.

One of the factors that is taken into account when deciding on bond and the conditions of bond are the likelihood of conviction of the offense. The more likely the conviction, typically the higher the bond. All I can figure on the information you've provided is that neither the state nor the court think he is going to be convicted, or the evidence against him is weak. That would explain the low bond and the lack of a stay-away condition once the bond is made.

I suggest she go to the assistant district attorney to express her concerns for her and her children's safety. They can request an additional condition be placed on the bond that he not be allowed to have contact with her or the children. That's the proper way to address the situation if they are fearful for their safety.

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