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Hello, 10 years ago I was driving on the highway with learner

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10 years ago I was driving on the highway with learner Permit. I was stopped by cop and was arrested. Stayed in the police station two hours. Later my friend came and bailed me out. I had appeared in the court and paid fine of three hundred dollars. Point deducted from my Learner permit. The vehicle was mine and was insured. However, the police had arrested me because I supposed to have a someone with full driver's licence. Also I was speeding. And got speeding ticket too of 500 dollars. I know it will stay in my record. Is it a criminal record? Thanks. Pat.

Thanks for requesting me but I see you're in Canada. Can you tell me if this took place in Canada or in the US? If a US case, what state?

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

It had happened in USA (Missouri). Before my University graduation.

Thank you. Let me look this up and see if it's a misdemeanor or a violation.

It took a bit of time to run this down because there's no statute directly on point. But from what I have found, if you were able to show the officer who stopped you a valid learner's permit, your charge would be only a traffic violation. That would mean you don't have a criminal record.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.



Thank you. I have no clue why did they fingerprint in the police station? Also told me if I do not appear in the court after a month, Warrant will be issued. I was in the court and paid fine a 300 dollars to County Contribution+ 500 dollars speeding ticket. I was crying like crazy. In my life, I never broke any law and never had a problem with police. Never been in the police station. Only problem was I did not have full Driver's License.

Right, which is why it was a violation. If you had no license at all or a revoked or expired license, it would have been a misdemeanor.

They probably fingerprinted to find out if there was anything else out there against you before they let you go. They just wanted to make sure that there were no warrants against you, etc.