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My daughter is 19 and a junior in college. She works at Sears

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My daughter is 19 and a junior in college. She works at Sears and made up a fake receipt and made a gift certicate in the amount of 50.00 dollars. Sears called the police and they told her on Thursday July 29 to turn herself in to the police. Do we need to take a lawyer with us? How should she plead? Will this effect her being able to get a job in the future?

Thank you for your assist in this matter.

Cindy Moore

Brandon M. :

Hello there.

Brandon M. :

Thank you for your questions. Please allow me to answer them in the order that they were presented. If you would like clarification, just let me know.

Brandon M. :

1. Do we need to take a lawyer with us?

A. Yes.

Brandon M. :

2. How should she plead?

A. At this point, she hasn't even been charged and you haven't seen the evidence against your daughter. Until a charge has actually been filed and she has been summoned to court, there would be no plea. Until the evidence can be examined by an attorney, the only plea should be "not guilty" for any given case.

Brandon M. :

3. Will this affect her being able to get a job in the future?

A. Well, it certainly isn't going to help, but approximately 1/3 of adults in the U.S. have at least a misdemeanor on their record, and most of those people are employed, so it isn't likely to derail her entire life. It will sting, but we've even had U.S. Presidents with criminal convictions. The most important thing is that it doesn't happen again.

Brandon M. :

Let me know if further clarification is needed. Thanks, Cindy.

Brandon M. :

Once you are completely finished, please feel free to leave a positive rating (I work for ratings), but I emphasize again, I am very glad to clarify any additional specific concerns that you may have. Thanks.

Customer: Should we take a lawyer with us Thur. or to court or both?
Customer: Are you still there?

I apologize for switching formats. The website experienced a bit of a technical problem.

I recommend contacting a lawyer before Thursday. Even if the lawyer does not go with you, s/he will need to advise you on what to do and say when your daughter turns herself in. Mainly, she is going to want to exercise her right to remain silent. If this is her first offense, it is not at all likely that she will need to actually spend any time in jail, but she will have to post a bond, and a lawyer can help get that set up in advance.


So she will want to have an attorney with her for the first court appearance, and she will want to have at least spoken with a lawyer before turning herself in.

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