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Does Japan and US share criminal informations? Im planning

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Does Japan and US share criminal informations? Im planning to go work in japan,i am not a US citizen,i just jumped bail in the US and fled here in asia, but i had permission to fly out here awaiting trial but i dont have any plans returning to US. My charge is felony theft worth $2,000 on a laptop.

Thelawman2 :

Japan and the US do not share information. The only way that you would be caught is if the US sought you, found out you were in Japan, and then asked Japan to arrest you and extradite you back to the US for trial. They would probably not go through that trouble for a felony theft; however, I cannot recommend that you flee from the law since it would be illegal

Customer: As a legal expert i expect you to say that, but it will be my decision at the end that i will follow..Thanks for the response Sir.. So they dont share info as long as you are not wanted by interpol?
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