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My daughter had a abusive ex boyfriend. About a month ago

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My daughter had a abusive ex boyfriend. About a month ago he got violent threw a large landscaping pave through her front door window, then reached in pulled it out and threw it through her back window. Then he grabbed her put her in a choke hold and said he was going to kill her. It is a apartment complex and the neighbors seen this and o e young man dropped him to the ground, while others called the police. He cracked3 of her ribs , she missed 3 days work. Did 1100.00 damages to her car. Spent two days in jail. He called me 2 weeks ago saying he was sorry and knew I paid to have her car repaired. He said he would have 500.00 for me sept 1st. Next sentence he says he is broke and had to come up with 1200.00 bail. I don't see him paying me 500.00 by sept 1st. And the county attorney only says he cannot give me legal advice. We have since learned this is his 3rd arrest for domestic abuse, with one dismissed. We live in Iowa. With loss wages and property damages she has over 2500.00 she has submitted to the court. Whenever I try to talk to her about it she walks away and says I don't want to talk about it. I asked her if she is going to pursue charges, I said if you are scared of him and would rather not, that is up to you, she goes he'll no I am not dropping charges. I think she needs counseling, but from you I want to know what the legal process is for collecting the 2500.00 we are in Iowa. The county attorney did tell me they have depositions from witnesses and have a solid case against him. I told him , he needs to seek help for his anger issues immediately. Jail will not solve that, and if he is seeking help it will be in everyone's best interest.

Thank you for the information. However, I am unclear about what you are asking. Are you just asking what options you have to get money damages from this young man? If not, what specifically are you asking?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
1. In Iowa is there a victim reimbursement law where the state pays approved damages, and then collects from the criminal. Or does the court order x dollars of damages to be repaid. The police asked for a detailed damage report and we gave them the invoices.

How do we collectIn Iowa
Hello again and thank you for the clarification. The best way for your daughter to receive payments for the direct costs that came about from this crime is to apply to the Iowa Crime Victim Compensation Program. It is administered through the Iowa Attorney General's Office. She can find out more about the Program, what she will need to submit, and find the form she will need to apply by going to:

Although the court might order this man to pay restitution to her as a part of his sentence, it is unlikely that he will ever do it unless he really wants to and has a good job. So, the Victims' Program is the best way to go. The other way would be to file suit in small claims court, but that is also dependent on him being able and willing to pay since even with a judgment, people don't always get their money.

Please let me know if you need any clarification. I would be glad to assist you further if I can.
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