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I do have an additional question....I was actually detailed

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I do have an additional question....I was actually detailed because it showed I was suspended. It said I was served but prior to that notice I received notice I was out of probationary period.I honestly confused the two I even have a chance on this one?

Hello again.

Unfortunately, you probably won't win on that issue. It's strict liability, which means your intent and an honest mistake do not make a difference. Generally, with regard to traffic issues, only people with spotless records get off for honest mistakes. The only way I could think that you'd get out of that would be if you show the judge the letter that you received, and denied receiving the second letter. Even then you'd have to hope that the judge has sympathy for you despite your confusion. It's worth asking if it can be dismissed, but I'm sorry to say that I wouldn't count on it.

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