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Zoey_ JD
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What legal recourse would possibly be in play for asking and

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What legal recourse would possibly be in play for asking and minor (unknowingly a minor) on a website, a personal question about what type of underwear she wears. I did not make any attempt to meet up with her or connect any other way I simply asked the question and that was it. What could happen? and also how long would it take to learn if I am under investigation?

What state are you in?

Does the person know who and where you actually are?

Do you have any reason to believe that you are in trouble? That is, did she indicate she'd be reporting you?

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I am in PA.


I am 20 years old.


and she didnt report me but on the website somebody else posted that the county that she lived in the police department was looking into all posts on the website.


The person does not know who i actually am, i also did not have my real name on the site. I have since deleted my account and never been back


Sorry for the delay.

Probably nothing will happen to you. They do not need very long to investigate this if they wanted to round you up and bring you in. As you registered for the site under an alias and with a false identity, they would have to find out who you were -- which would likely take technology the county police department does not have. From there once they identified you, it would only take a few hours to get a warrant and come in and impound your computer, to see what all you're up to.

I just don't see them going to all that bother unless the comments got more sexually explicit or you exchanged explicit pictures or tried to induce her to have sex with you. Are you even sure she's under the age of consent?

In the unlikely event the state did manage to find and try to prosecute you, as long as she was NOT under 14, if you could have reasonably believed that she was over the age of consent, you would have a defense to this.

I'd relax about this one, but I'd be a lot more prudent going forward. You never know who an internet contact really is unless/until you meet her in person. Start getting to sexual and she could be an undercover officer or a blackmailer.

You should not have anything to worry about here.

Good luck to you.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

ok thank you, XXXXX XXXXX believe this girl had just turned 14 but nowhere on her profile did it say she was underage. I had asked a few other girls questions like this but i never got too sexually explicit. I also never tried to meet up with any girl or ask them to. I simply made the mistake for having the account for a total of two days and realize I was innapropriate.Like i said I have since stopped all contact and anything potentially dangering to myself. I am from PA and the county I believe they might have looked into it was in Georgia. So final two questions, I asked these questions last saturday, you believe I would have heard something by now if I was under investigation? And two would that county be able to look into my activity with other users on the site not located within that county? Thank you so much


I believe that if Georgia police were monitoring the site, then they would be able to determine from your IP number on the threads that you were in Pennsylvania. They have no jurisdiction there. They would have to either contact your local police or the FBI. I can't say you're off the hook, but I really don't think, at least on the basis of what you said, that this rose to a crime. Inappropriate, yes. Unwise, definitely. But criminal? I'd argue not, if you never took it beyond that.

Yes, they could subpoena access to all of your posts. You can get yourself very paranoid over this sort of thing, but you shouldn't. The fact that the police can investigate you does not make it likely. I just don't see it based on what you've told me.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Ok so sorry this is my final question, say they did go through all that trouble to contact the police in PA and they investigated and everything, would it be reasonable to think I would have heard something by now if I was being investigated considering its close to a week later? Or does that process take much longer?


If they had your actual identity, and you did anything wrong, you would hear very quickly. But how long it would take for them to be able to find your actual idenitity is something I can't even begin to predict. They may never be able to do it. The only thing they would have to work with is your computer IP#. Everything else is false.
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