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I was on probation for DWI with interlock device and monthly

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I was on probation for DWI with interlock device and monthly meetings. After after 16 months the po signed a pro forma allowing me to get the interlock removed and no monthly meetings. Then all of a sudden I received a call from another PO setting up a meeting with no explanation I'm in Tarrant County Texas

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One question - - are you still on probation?

If you're still on probation, then this should not be cause for concern AS LONG AS nothing has occurred with you that would warrant a visit. If you haven't been charged with some new offense or violated your probation, then it's likely just a randomly scheduled meeting. Thus, it's not likely that you should be concerned with the scheduled meeting.

It is usual for probation officers to randomly schedule meetings just to check in on how things are going.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.


Am I to understand that even though I've been released from the monthly po meetings and at that time paid all remaining fees and fines that it would not be unusual to be called in for a random meeting until my probation ends?

the only possible concern would be my daughter visiting the family addiction specialist


we have had a serious falling out over some 2,200 I discovered she recently used from one of my accounts to pay her own credit card bills


the dwi offense is her go to position so I'm sure she told the counselor I was drinking again--that is always part of her defense, even for disagreements we have at our business


I understand those sessions between counselor and 'patient' are confidential. Is that correct?


I also need to know to know if a friend can check either in person or by phone to see if there has been an arrest warrant issued?


Tarrant County does not offer that as an online service as many others do?



Sorry for the delay. I went offline for a moment.

If you're still on probation, then this meeting being called should not be of great concern. Also, your daughter visiting a specialist isn't really anything to do with you.

The meeting may e about an investigation about her using this money.

The conversations with the counselor should be confidential.

No, whether a bench warrant has been issued is usually only told to the suspect and officers - it can't be disclosed to someone who just calls to see.

Let me know if you need anything further.
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