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Last night I was speaking with someone from an online forum

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Last night I was speaking with someone from an online forum in reguards to pricing for vicodin, he asked for my number to test, we did, I was just curious about the pricing of them, there was never any order confirmation and I never sent money anywhere. it ended lastnight with me saying no thanks, XXXXX XXXXX is texting me over and over saying he is a police officer and they are on there way to arrest me for drug trafficking? there was no money exchanged with this guy, I can give you his phone number because now i'm upset that he is harassing me, he won't give me his badge number or tell me what department he works for. what do I do?

Hello Jacustomer,

Thank you for requesting me. I was busy with another answer, and I am sorry for the delay.

It is strictly illegal to order prescriptions on line outside of the US, since the FDA says it is unlawful to bring in any medication which was not cleared by the FDA over here. It is also illegal to order from even a US online pharmacy unless you have a recent prescription from a US doctor based on his having actually examined you recently in person.

Many online pharmacies are out and out frauds that are on line only to steal your money and get your credit card information. They know that it is not legal for Americans to use these sites, so you can wind up with counterfeit pills or get nothing at all if you order. Then sometime down the road you may get a call from someone pretending to be a police officer or a DEA agent demanding that you send money to avoid getting arrested.

Real law enforcement don't call you up to warn you that you're going to get busted for illegal drug activity. That would give a suspect the opportunity to remove or destroy all contraband and, for that matter, pick up and go into hiding. When real law enforcement has a real suspicion you are dealing or possessing contraband, they swear out a search warrant, get it signed by a judge and show up unnanounced at yoru door with a SWAT team.

So the call is entirely meaningless and in any case, you did nothing wrong. Don't fall for the phone calls and don't send money. Report the phony agent to the FBI at their Internet Crime Complaint Center at It is a felony to impersonate a law enforcement officer.

This guy is not a telemarketer. He's a thief calling from outside of the US. He won't care about the Federal Trade Commission or the Do Not Call registry.

The best way to stop this guy is not to talk to him. Do not respond to any emails. Do not pick up his phone calls. When he realizes that you know he's a fraud, he will give up. If you keep talking to him, he will keep trying to scare you into handing over some money to avoid an arrest.

Let an answering maching monitor the calls and just delete his, no matter what kind of legal action he threatens you with. He'll move on to someone else easier to intimidate once he sees he'll get no money out of you.

If you'd ordered I would also tell you to take precautions against identity theft, but if they have no credit card number and no sensitive personal information beyond a name address and phone number, you should be safe enough.

Good luck!

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
He was actually from a forum and I was just curious what street prices were, but as long as i did not send any money, then i cant get in trouble correct? Also i never gave him my address and he called very early this morning and somehow had my work address. I called verizon and had his number blocked, but im scared because he has my work address and have no idea how he received it. Is there anything else I can do?
Hi Jon,

You can report him to the police and FBI as I indicated. You can also report him to the forum moderators.

As far as curiousity goes, no, you can't get in trouble for this, and it's obvious, he's just a liar because the police haven't come.

I can't say how for sure he got your work address. But as you gave him your phone number he could reverse search that and get your name and from there by Googling it or looking you up on Facebook he could get a great deal of other information.
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