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Hello...I got busted with a small amount of marijuana in South

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Hello...I got busted with a small amount of marijuana in South Dakota...charged me with paraphernalia as well..I am a resident of Minnesota and am looking for how far out South Dakota...(specifically Souix Falls / Minnehaha County), extradites for a class 1 misdemeanor?

Hi Jacustomer,

Extradition is expensive because it involves freeing up a team of officers and paying their travel expenses to get a fugitive and bring him or her back. States do not extradite on misdemeanors. They do, however, issue warrants for a person's failure to come back to court. You may be warned that there's a warrant out on you if you're picked up for any other reason elsewhere in the country, and you might be taken in and held or inconvenienced, but you won't be extradited.

This will cause all sorts of other problems eventually, however. SD will ultimately suspend your driver's license to get your attention and the other 49 states will all honor that suspension. The reinstatement of your license would require going back into SD and clearing up the warrant. There are also government entitlements -- student loans, for example -- that you won't get with an outstanding warrant.

If you get arrested for any other criminal offense, no matter how minor, you'll be held in on much higher bail because you'd be considered a flight risk. You can be denied jobs and housing as no matter where in the States you go, the warrant will turn up on a background check.

Warrants are altogether bad news. If it's difficult for you to get to court, get yourself an SD lawyer and see how much of this case he can resolve without you being there. You may only have to come in once or twice.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Ok..thank you Fran for your prompt response.

You're very welcome, Michael.

Best of luck!
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