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If the dea is following me, what should I do? Change phone

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I live in Tampa FL ,If the dea is following me, what should I do? Change phone number? every time I get in my Car I leave to go anywhere they on my ass hard? I don't get it they don't ask or approach me they just follow and its about 5cars I noted there first 3 vin and make I have no doubts, if I don't have anything illegal going on should I worry about my old phone messages?


If you are not engaged in any sort of drug activity and the DEA is following you, they will eventually cut back and stop once they have confirmed that you are not involved in the possession or sale of illicit drugs.

If they don't have probable cause to stop and arrest you then they don't have probable cause for a warrant either. That means they can't engage in wiretapping either. So, I wouldn't worry unduly about your old calls, unless you think some may be incriminating. If it would make you feel more secure, delete any old messages you would find incriminating, so that if they ever did get a warrant, they would not find anything they can use against you.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

so basically if they could arrest me they would of by now? if I don't have anything on me and I don't break any future laws they are likely to leave eventually?


Unless they are also watching you to see who your drug contacts are, yes, if they had enough evidence to arrest you, they'd have done it by now. Our law enforcement agencies' budgets are not limitless. If they keep coming up empty, they will suspend or close the investigaton and move on.
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