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My question is: This female escort came to boston,ma from

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My question is: This female escort came to boston,ma from new York this past weekend. Her sister came from Syracuse,new York to make bail(not sure that is true) tolded me that got busted in some hotel room and she needs my help.I think she is scam me. This is the story I was going back and forth with e-mail & phonecall to setup a appointment for her to come to boston. I did send some money to her in the middle of the week but I chicken out by the end of the week I was not interested in meeting. She tolded me that she needs the balance of the money send to her if not she will posted all my information on the website & texting. SO I cave in and got her the rest of the money by the end of the week.She came to boston( not sure that is true?) this past weekend anyways to make some money in boston and she got busted in some hotel room with other female escorts also I tolded her a few hotels on cheap to go . Her sister came to boston(not sure that true also) call me that needs my help. She tolded me she still has my information on the phone still. She tolded me that need bail money for her this weekend. Again I panic and send some money thru western union which she tolded me that she works for.Once again her sister calls up and texting me saying that she need my help. She tolded that she meet with a lawyer and has appointment for this week and she stills has my information on the phone and the texting part . I never meet this person in person! I am getting real scared now. I need some advise


My name is XXXXX XXXXX I'd be happy to answer your questions today. I'm sorry to hear that this happened.

It's a scam. Do not give her any money. You can call the police station to confirm whether they picked up anyone by that name, but I'm sure that they didn't. Why would you be responsible for paying her bail if she really were arrested? You didn't pay her for sex. You weren't involved in her getting arrested. It's not illegal to say "This is a cheap hotel." There is no legitimate reason for you to be giving her money in this scenario.

Even if it weren't an outright scam, what she is doing is extortion. It's a felony. She will keep asking for money forever, so there is no benefit to paying her. The prostitute is not likely to report someone for solicitation, and even if she did, the penalties for a misdemeanor of solicitation (where you changed your mind and never went through with it) are far less than what you're paying her.

If you have any questions or concerns about what I've written, please reply so that I may address them. It's important to me that you are 100% satisfied with the service I provide. Otherwise, please rate my service positively so that I get credit for answering your question. Thank you.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Does she has case? If the information on the phone like texting and some pics on me. If I get brought in this case &if she decide to give information that was on the phone will it be a case.I think I am making a bigger deal than it is!

No. She has no legal reason for asking you to give her money or requiring you to pay her bail. You're not responsible for her criminal behavior.

If you offered her money for sex, yes, she could turn you in for solicitation of prostitution. But most prostitutes don't do, because they don't want to be arrested. It depends on the content of the texts. But scam artists don't call the police, because they don't want to get arrested for scamming people.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

in some of my texts I did offer sex for money but later on I changed my mind which she text me " know u were suppose to give me 1100 then I dropped it to 600 so u really owe me 400,more I think about 300 and I will destroy your pics & texts,phone." This is the part that I cave in to give her the balance also she texting "This is what the deal is you going to send me my other money I swear I will post you all over the internet,pics, name, the whole next yards" so basic I gave the total balance which I regret now. She got the the total balance from me and she was talking about coming to boston anyways to set up show for the weekend I think. She text me that she coming to boston this Saturday and I text her back a couple of places to stay. later on I text a her a few more like saying I hope u find a place in boston to stay at. She never reply back. Than a Day later her sister call me up and saying that her sister got busted in some hotel. This is the time I got nervous. her sister reply back that saying that her sister was hiding the phones from police. She tolded me that the phone still has my information on it and she needs help to get her sister out jail(not sure that is true).So I DECIDED to paid half of her bail money and she came back with another mail saying she 100 dollars for gas to get back to Syracuse new York. So I applied. Will this be minor case or any other case? Is the law the same in new York aand boston

Solicitation is the same in either state. The penalties are not exactly the same. But, again, she's not going to turn you in. She's scamming you. You can report her for extortion and fraud. And if you let her know that, chances are she will leave you alone.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

by a "LONG SHOT" she turns me in. What kind of damaged will it effect me by like moneywise or how it will go on my personal record?

It would show as a misdemeanor, and you would likely be ordered to pay a small fine, possibly up to a couple hundred dollars.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I just got a email from her a few minute ago. she with her lawyer(not sure it is true) she wants to talk to me and she has a plain(plan). I correct her spelling a few already. and she text me again " I NEED YOU TO TEXT ME BACK SHE HAS TO TALK TO YOU OR THIS IS GOING TO HAVE EVERONE NAME IN THE PAPPER(MEANS PAPER) IN BOSTON,MASS" and she start calling me but I did not pick it up. My question what should I DO AGAIN?

Do not send her any money. She is scamming you. She will just keep asking for more and more and more and more and more. Unless you want to live your entire life in terror, sending every penny you have to a liar, a thief, and a scam artist, there is no reason to give her any money. She is not going to turn you in. No legitimate attorney would participate in extortion, blackmail and theft.

Ask for the name of her attorney. Any real lawyer must be registered with the state bar, which means that you can verify that person through the state's website.

If you find someone with a matching name, contact them through the information located on the state bar's website. Do not use contact information she gives you - because that will just go to her friend, sitting next to her, laughing about how they're running this scam.

If you actually believe that this is a real person, not a scam artist, then the best thing to do is call a local criminal defense attorney tomorrow to represent you. But I would be shocked if there were a shred of evidence that this is a real person and if she isn't currently located somewhere overseas.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I tolded her I will report her for extortion and fraud if she does not leave me alone. But after 30 minutes she came back with a few more texts. one text was: I M GOING TO SEE THE UNDERCOVER POLICE OFFICER TO CALL YOU NOW YOU WANT THEM TO KNOW ABOUT YOU CALL.THIS IS INPORTAIN" another text message: I TALKED TO MY LAWYER INSTEAD MONDAY SHE GOING TO MEET US TOMM SO ANSWERE YOUR PHONE IF I CALL YOU THIS IS CLARA" I did not call back I am sick of this stuff. But the last 30 minute no texts but things could change again!

Hopefully, she will stop texting you when she realizes that you're not going to send anything else. But if she does persist, get the name of her "lawyer." If she really has one, there's no reason not to say who it is.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

if no name to the lawyer great! But she comeback with a name and it is legit. Do I need to get lawyer or will this be a only be a misdemeanor, and I would likely be ordered to pay a small fine, possibly up to a couple hundred dollars. I am trying line up game for this week. I just some input from u

If you can confirm through the Bar Association that she has hired a legitimate attorney who is licensed to practice law, you may want to contact a local criminal defense attorney for assistance.

If her lawyer is assisting her in blackmailing and scamming you, the Bar Association would likely be interested, since that's a pretty serious violation of the Rules of Professional Conduct.