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I violated my parole for the first time by getting a DUI. My

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I violated my parole for the first time by getting a DUI. My PO says I will most certainly go back and serve 85% of my original sentence (non DUI related) Any feedback for this? This is my first violation and am willing to do outpatient alcohol treatment, house arrest, whatever it takes. My PO did not want to hear it.
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What crime are you on parole for? What was your sentence and how much did you serve before paroling? What were the circumstances of your DUI? Did it involve a wreck, injury, high BAC?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Assault 1st degree Felony and Armed Criminal Action. 18 yr sentence- only served 3. Have not had any strikes at all before the DUI. I refused to blow. No wreck no incident other than cop pulled me over due to the fact was late and small town.

Thank you for the additional information. How long were you out on parole before you received your DUI?

(Please note it may be 30 minutes to an hour before I can respond as I have to drive back to my office.)
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

one year and one month.

It is certainly possible that you could go back to prison for violating your probation, but I also think it is possible that your parole officer is trying to put the fear of God in you so that you keep clean. Some of this is out of your hands at this point.

However, one very important thing is squarely in your hands. If I were you I would go today or tomorrow and get a substance abuse evaluation and follow what ever recommendations it makes. Even if it does not recommend treatment I would still find something to go to even if it is just AA classes. Do not wait until you are ordered to go. This will show that you are taking affirmative steps yourself to address your issues and paint you in the best possible light if you end up before the parole board at a parole revocation hearing.
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