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my dad is due to be released from parole in 2 months. When

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my dad is due to be released from parole in 2 months. When he went in for his monthly visit on 08/1/13 his parole officer drug tested him with one of those little test strips that you stick in the urine cup.(which aren't very reliable if they are not stored properly.) He tested positive for meth, he swears he hasn't done any drugs and I know that there are a variety of prescription & OTC meds that can cause a false positive. He has a severe heart condition and hepatitis c and is on several prescriptions . I also know that liver disease can cause a false positive for a variety of drugs.The parole officer didn't violate him, but told him to come back on Wednesday and bring all the meds that he takes with him and he is going to give him another test. My question is... if his parole officer is going to use the same test strips as before can my father asked to be taken to a hospital, urgent care, or lab to have the urine test ran professionally, or to have the test done via a blood draw? or does he just have to take a chance with the test strips? This is in the state of Georgia


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I am an attorney with more than 25 years of experience and I look forward to providing you true and correct information in this regard.

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I am sorry to hear of this matter for your Dad.

While he cannot make any demands to the Parole Officer as to being tested at a hospital, he may go to a testing clinic that is reliable and be tested, at his expense, and then be tested by the PO and then that way he will have a back up test should the one the PO does come out positive.

I suggest that you can check with the courts and get a list of court sanctioned, bona fide testing labs in your area - because you will need one of those to be accepted by the PO or the courts should he have to go before the Parole Board for a revocation hearing.

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