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if my cousin arrest for panel code 23222 b cvc and 11350 a

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if my cousin arrest for panel code 23222 b cvc and 11350 a hs and 14601 but he realease by bail but his court next week ,he already has marjuna card medical and he bring new pescrabition for 11350 scine use that as pain releife beacuse he has defect in his finger.what we do
Thank you for your question. I look forward to working for you to provide you the information you are seeking.

If your cousin had the prescription authorization to possess and use marijuana and he did not have over the authorized amount, then he goes to court next week and asks for a public defender (if he cannot afford an attorney) and they plead him not guilty. Once they plead him not guilty, he gives the proof that he was authorized to have the marijuana to his attorney who will then approach the DA with the proof and the DA will dismiss the charges against him. If the DA dismisses because he did have his marijuana card, then his attorney can get his record of the arrest removed from the computers so it will not show up if anyone looks at his criminal record.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

how about 14601.1

Sorry, if he was operating a vehicle on a suspended license, this would not get dismissed, his attorney is going to have to negotiate that with the DA when they negotiate the marijuana charges. Generally, he will end up with an additional license suspension and a fine, but he needs to not drive anymore until his license is reinstated, because if he gets another charge for this they will put him in jail if they convict him and the charge is pretty easy to convict someone on because their license is either valid or suspended and they were either driving or not driving, there is not much to argue to defend someone on that charge.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

do you mean by not dismissed for other like marjuna and 1350 a hs

Thank you for your response.

Yes, it is not likely they will dismiss the driving while suspended charge, his attorney will have to negotiate that with the DA.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

what the charge for that,and other two will dismiss

He is looking at a fine of up to $500 and up to 6 months in jail for the suspended license. Generally on a first offense there will be no jail, just an additional 12 month license suspension and fine.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

thank you

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