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Ok...I did something stupid today on Long Island. Frustrated

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Ok...I did something stupid today on Long Island. Frustrated by the "scan it" , means to avoid waiting in line you scan as you shop and pay without the checkout time. Mine was malfunctioning, help came told me I was working it would not compute. I got pissed put the scanner away, was in major rush and walked out with groceries not paid for.

I want to make amends but am concerned I will cause myself more trouble and get arrested which would mean my job. Yes I know how stupid...

My question is;

Likelihood they will review cameras and easily know who I am as I registered for the scan it use, past that I want to go pay from a right and wrong perspective.

Could use proper advice.
Good evening and thank you for the question.

I know those situations can be very frustrating, but at least you have the moral courage after the fact to want to do the right thing.

From a legal perspective, confessing to a crime is probably the worst thing you can do.

However, if they do track shoplifters with that, you could be in a bind if you do not fix the situation.

Here are some options that may make it right:

One option is to approach the General Manager of the store and let him know that you left the store by mistake with unpaid merchandise and that you would like to pay for the items.

A second option would be to scan the same merchandise again, pay for it, and then just leave it in the store, so it is reshelved eventually and the stolen goods won't affect their inventory or revenue.

The final (and probably the safest option) is to hire a defense attorney to talk to the GM on your behalf. They can arrange for you to pay for what you stole without ever exposing who you are. Hopefully the store will be accepting of this type of transaction. From a business perspective, I cannot imagine why they would not.

Please note, none of the above options are guaranteed to keep you out of trouble. As you are obviously aware, the moment that you knowingly walked out of the store with unpaid merchandise with the intent to keep the goods, you committed a crime. Now is the time for calculated damage control.

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Thank you very much,
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Can't really afford hiring, from your points admission is inclusive of all of them. Only viable from those choices is going to manager, the risk of course is the reaction. Guess this comes down to gamble on whether they will take the time to review video...
Please note, that admission is not inclusive in all of the possible options I laid out. Option two involves you talking to no one and just leaving the merchandise at the store after you pay for it.

There is always the option of doing nothing as well, but as you stated that carries a risk as well.

Thank you very much for the positive rating and please let me know how it goes and if you have any further questions. I understand that is a very tough decision that you have to make. I honestly wish you the best.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
It is closed , I chose to call another store and describe the situation. The manager at that store said any manager he knew would Actually thank me. I went to store asked for manager, said in the confusion of trying to check out, my kid calling, I walked out.

Done asked how much, they clear the systems over night and had no idea what my order was. I happy it's done, their security is terribly flawed.

Be well
That is great news. A moral victory as well. Good for you.