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A close friend has just forwarded an e-mail he received from

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A close friend has just forwarded an e-mail he received from an individual claiming to be contacting him on behalf of myself and requesting he send a hard drive to an old laptop to them.
The person gives a name and address of where the items are to be sent. I have no idea who this is and wonder how I should approach this.
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That is extremely odd. Does this friend have a hard drive or laptop of yours, and if so, can you think of why anyone would want it? Perhaps an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The friend they e-mailed has done some computer work for me but has never removed a hard drive and they also mention that it's a Toshiba laptop but I've never had a Toshiba.


I am really puzzled why someone would be asking for my hard drive but concerned because they are e-mailing the friend who did do some computer work for me...

I am just as confused as to what their motive may be. I would still report it to the police. It probably fits the Colorado crime of attempted larceny by false pretense. Given the unusual circumstances they may be reluctant to investigate it, but hopefully they will at a minimum go to the address in the email and try to ascertain the identity of the individual and their motivation.

Also you might try googling the email address it was sent from. It's a long shot but it might provide some information that would assist you in identifying the individual.

If you do not get any help from the police, then you are left with either hiring a private investigator or trying to do a little detective work yourself perhaps in conjunction with your friend who received the email. He may be able to get them to provide some additional information if he questions their request.
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P.S. My first instinct was that this is someone who knows you and is trying to retrieve some personal information from you perhaps to embarrass or blackmail you. That still seems most likely, but it could also identity thieves who are looking for information to apply for credit cards, etc in your name. Perhaps they targeted your friend because he works on computers and somehow found out that he had done computer work for you ... perhaps from facebook or other social media.

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