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I bought a Mobil home through contract for deed, 5 years

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I bought a Mobil home through contract for deed,
5 years a renewed my contract for deed.
four another five years. that would be 10 years all together and I'm still paying on it
the first five years as stated on the contract for deed that. I would pay $32,000 1000 dollars down payment $400 a month for 60 months. at the end there would be a $3,000 balloon payments. what 0 percent interest which was not on the contract.

the renewal contract for deed stated a thousand dollar down payment $27,000 to pay on it. $600 a month. for 60 months at 0 percent interest hidden.
Thank you for contacting us. What exactly is your question regarding the agreement?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
what can I do is there fraud involved?
That's what I'm asking. In rent-to-purchases you can simply agree to a term of payment. Interest need not be spelled in such situations. As long as the terms are clear and both parties agree to them, they can be whatever the parties agree ton upon signing.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
so that means I paid it offon my part but he hasn't paid it off on his part. who still owes money to the bank that he borrowed from . for mobile home.
I see, now. So you paid what was agreed and he just extended it for no reason. Yes, that could be considered fraud. You need to first contact the local district attorneys office and see if they will file against him. If they will not (and they have that discretion), you will need to find a civil attorney to take this on a contingency. The unfairness here could result in extra damages in addition to attorney fees.
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