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My daughters friend received a MIP while visiting here in

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My daughter's friend received a MIP while visiting here in CA. She is going back to Indiana. She will not be able to meet her court date. What can she do>
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Good morning. I certainly understand the situation and your concern. If she fails to appear at her court date, a warrant could likely be issued for her arrest. As such, if she can not appear, she would need to retain a criminal defense attorney, to appear on her behalf. The attorney will need to look over the facts of the case and see if she has any legal defenses to raise and if not, work out a plea deal, that is in her best interest. Seeing how she was visiting and resides in Indiana, the attorney can see if the court would accept a plea in absentia, under the circumstances and hardship she would face, if she needs to return. If she does not want to return and appear she must retain legal counsel to avoid any additional problems.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Can she retain one via phone?


Yes, she can speak with the attorney over the phone and anything that needs to be signed, can be done through the mail, fax or email, along with any payment needing to be made, over the phone.
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