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Hello, was charged with crimminal trespass given DAT... went

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Hello, was charged with crimminal trespass given DAT... went to court DA wants to add "Stalking Charges" Legal Aid Attorney talks her out of it! ACD order of protection if I don't accept ACD will rearrest me.... it was a "Bullshit Case " from the beginning... I'm suing the person DA is giving the order of Protection to.... She was not the "Complainant" but somehow "She " convinced DA to request order of protection! So I accept ACD do not want to get rearrested... now question is can the ADA arrest me at anytime for the supposed "Stalking" Legal Aid said DA has 2 yrs. to do so! Help!
Welcome to JustAnswer.

What your attorney is referring to is that the statute of limitations for stalking is two years from the date of the offense. Realistically though there is no reason or advantage for them to wait to charge you. Once that decision not to charge has been made it is not usually changed. The exception would be if you have continued contact with the person they might charge you with stalking that encompasses the old and new incidents.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

So I would not have to live with the fear that the ADA can just decide to charge me? It's like they were on a witchhunt... and I had to pay for something that I still feel was not "Criminal Tresspass" ! How can I find out what the actual charge was? Attorney was really useless! No offense please don't take it personal.

No offense taken. There are definitely good and bad public defenders just like there are good and bad private attorney (and everything else).

Although there would be no legal bar to charging you later, there would be no practical reason to do so. If there are no more incidents, I would not spend one second worrying about being charged. It should all be behind you.

You can go to the court clerk's office and request a copy of your plea paperwork. That will show what charge you pled to. There may be a copying fee but shouldn't be more than a few dollars.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Believe me I am 58 yrs. old disabled Widow I do not "Stalk" people... I am suing this Therapist so therefore I guess was if She makes me look like a threat... well I'm sure you get the picture! Thank you.

You are very welcome. Good luck to you.
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