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My son is working in Alaska and was almost hit by a policeman

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My son is working in Alaska and was almost hit by a policeman stopping a woman for speeding. My son was on a bike and stopped to tell the policeman that he should slow down that he almost hit him. The policman let the woman go and he wanted identification from my son. He handed him his license and a concealed weapons license. Now they are charging him with misconduct with a weapon. Supposedly the policeman and the chief of police said they would remove the charge but now said they can't because it is in the system?? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Welcome and thank you for your question

I am an attorney with more than 25 years of experience and I look forward to providing you true and correct information in this regard.

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Plead guilty to what exactly?

I suggest that he may want to request another PD or tell this one that he is not going to plead guilty and wants to take it to trial. I suggest that point the district attorney will review the matter and place it on an inactive docket. That means that it is not prosecuted but if he comes in with any other criminal charges of any nature then this matter can be prosecuted too
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Guilty to the misdemeanor misconduct with a weapon and they would take away his gun and I believe my son called it an SIS where they are on sort of a probation for 6 months to one year. Sorry, I don't know the legal lingo. Wouldn't my son giving him the concealed weapons license let him know he was carrying? Would you suggest getting a lawyer in Alaska or finding someone who is licensed there but doesn't live in Alaska--Is there someplace I can go that has reviews or suggestions for this?


It makes no sense these charges from what you are telling me - unless he touched the cop in some way.

I suggest you may want to contact the Alaska Bar Association and they can give you a legal referral service Here is that contact information.

(907)(NNN) NNN-NNNNbr/>Toll Free in Alaska 1-800-770-9999

And that way you will be given names of attorneys who are licensed to practice in Alaska and who are in good standing.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

He did not touch the cop at all. He was carrying a weapon that is why he handed him the concealed weapons license and informed him what he was carrying and where it was on him. He was laughing and joking with my son when he let him go--then the chief of police came later with the charges. Believe me it doesn't make sense to me either or to my son.


Yes. I suggest you contact the referral service and have a local attorney get this matter dismissed via the District Attorney
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