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I got a citation for reckless damage in the parking lot of

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I got a citation for reckless damage in the parking lot of my apartment by Dallas Police.

The car in question was tightly parked and there was a scratch on it.

However, I do not have any fine amount quoted on my ticket. Also, how do I get this expunged?
Hi! I will be the professional that will be helping you today. I look forward to providing you with information to help solve your problem.

Good afternoon. I certainly understand the situation and your concern. I have provided the statute under which you are charged. A class C misdemeanor is punishable by a fine up up to $500, which is determine by the court. Since you were issued a citation, your appearance date is noted on the citation and you need to appear on the day and time, for the court to either impose the fine/sentence or set the case for trial, if you want to fight this. In addition, here is a link on the grounds upon which this can be expunged and the process.

commits an offense if, without the effective consent of the owner,
he recklessly damages or destroys property of the owner.
(b) An offense under this section is a Class C misdemeanor.

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I just wanted to follow up in regard to the Poor Service rating you gave me and see if there you need me to clarify something or answer a follow up question. If you could share with me the reason for the poor rating, I would be happy to still work with you, to help the situation. I can only go by the facts which you present, so am unsure as to what you thought was poor about my help, at this time.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Ok, I want some more specific information.


1) The other party said they are "Not Pressing any charges". So is the citation still valid?


2) As I scratched the other party's car. However, the other party called the police and that is how I got the citation. So changing insurance number is XXXXX enough?


3) Will the citation go one my record forever?


4) I am due to appear for my H1B visa interview. Will this incident have any negative impact on my case?


Awaiting any answer?

Not a problem. I would be happy to answer those questions, as they were never posted to begin with.

1 and 2) This is a crime against the State of Texas. If they were not pressing any charges, the police would have never been called and this would have never been reported. They would have just contacted your privately and asked that you pay for the damages or have your insurance company take care of it. The prosecutor is going to rely on their cooperation, so if they speak with them and tell them the matter has been resolved, the prosecutor can always dismiss the case but it is at their discretion. Exchanging insurance information will resolve the damages but has nothing to do with the decision of the officer to issue a criminal citation,

3 and 4). As you can see by clicking the link I provided, you can try and have this expunged, so it will not be able to been seen by the public. However, in regard to immigration, this is something which they will see and it could cause a negative impact, based upon the fact that it is a criminal charge. Situations like these are handled on a case by case basis, so there is no way of knowing the exact impact but you may be asked about it at the interview.

Please let me know if you have any follow up questions. I would be happy to answer them. If not, please remember to rerate my answer, so I can get credit and the negative rating will not have an effect on me. Thank you.

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