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Why do cops always want to question people in person? Why cant

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Why do cops always want to question people in person? Why can't they question them over the phone or via video?

Thank you for the question. The main reason that law enforcement want to question people in person is so that they can see their physical demeanor when they are asked a question and answer it. How we react physically, whether it is our face or the way we sit or move at certain times, tells a lot about whether we are telling the truth and also gives perspective to a particular statement. Phone interviews can't even come close to really providing investigators with the whole story. A video conference is a bit better than phone, but again, not as good as being face to face.

Of course law enforcement might also want to question someone face to face if they are a suspect and the decide whether to arrest them on the spot, which of course they cannot do if they are on the phone with them.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

It's special agents from social security. They want to question my 16 year old daughter about her survivors check. I told them she doesn't even know her dad is dead, she thinks the man I married when she was 2 is her dad. We aren't going to tell her otherwise until she is 18. I told them that she doesn't even know about the check. Can't they talk to other family members instead of her?

The motivation would be similar, they just need to gather information in the best way they can. I can't say who they do or don't need to talk to because I don't know what their underlying concern is. It sounds to me that they may be concerned about what is happening with the check, since it should be going to her and for her benefit. I can't guess though. But if you need assistance in dealing with them, you could contact a local attorney who handles Social Security issues and see if they can get to the bottom of the issue and work out an alternative process. But, in the end, unless she (and you cooperate) she could lose this payment, and perhaps worse, depending on what the issue is.
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