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Hello I have a question regarding my friend, He is currently

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Hello I have a question regarding my friend,

He is currently in a behavioral health center for substance abuse. He has an important court date tomorrow where he will be able to return home on a limited order of protection. His supervising doctor at the behavioral health center is not allowing him to leave for his court date. Is it illegal for him to check out on his own in order to appear for the court date? thanks,
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He can check himself out unless he has been court ordered to not leave the facility. In fact, that is exactly what I would do unless the judge excuses his appearance in court.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks for the reply, Lega-Guru,


Here are some more details that may be important. He was sent to the behavioral health facility from the emergency room, where he checked in 3 days ago voluntarily for alcohol related symptoms. To my knowledge he has not been court ordered to check into the behavioral health facility. The doors exiting the facility are locked so that patients cannot leave on their own. The doctor is not willing to let him leave, so what can he do to leave? thanks.

Thank you for the additional information. If he checked in voluntarily, he should be able to check himself out. He just needs to inform the doctor or facility staff of his decision. They will probably want him to sign some forms acknowledging that it's against their advice.

Regarding the locked doors. (1) It's probably a safety precaution. (2) It is likely that the facility does have patients who did not check themselves in voluntarily but instead have been committed by a court to that facility, but that does not mean that is your friend's situation.
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