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i was arrested because i had a warrant for my arrest out, i

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i was arrested because i had a warrant for my arrest out, i went to jail had my masitrate (sp?) and have my court date set for july 18 with a pr. i'm allowed to leave the country right? as long as i show up to my court date i wont owe any money correct? when i was arrested it was right before getting on a flight to mexico for 1 week but i rescheduled my flight for tomorrow morning i wont be arrested this time when i try and board yes? and my only restrictions were no drugs/alcohol until my court date

Hi Jacustomer,

If you are not on probation or parole and your warrant is no longer active, you have the right to leave the country, so long as the judge didn't tell forbid you to or your bondsman -- if applicable -- has made it one of his conditions that you stick around.

As long as you are back by your court date, you can freely exit and enter the US with an open criminal matter.
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