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i was out at a bar. I had just met a girl. She was very drunk

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i was out at a bar. I had just met a girl. She was very drunk and hanging all over me. I told her she needed to stop drinking. I was with my friends and I was about 20 miles from home. I even texted my old girlfriend and asked her to come and help me because this girl was all over me and I felt uncomfortable. About a half hour later, the bartender starting yelling that I gave the girl some kind of date rape drug becasue she was so out of it. Several people in the bar acted like they were going to fight me. I left so I wouldn't getinto a fight. I heard the girl went to the hospital and the police were called. I did not give her anything she was just very drunk. I had no intentions of leaving with her, I live in my mother's home. I am worried they are going to arrest me. I don't do drugs and have non on me. Can they arrest me without proff, just because the bar tender said I must have drugged her that is why she was so drunk. Wouldn't they have to do a drug test at the hospital to see if she had any drugs in her system. And if she did maybe they were hers. I just met her for the first time tonight. I am very worried because I am appling for a new job and even if they arrest me abd find me not guilty I probably wouldn't get the job with an arrest on my record.

Hello and thank you for your question. I understand your concern and no one can predict what will happen. However, from what you describe it is unlikely that anything further would happen.

If she was taken to the hospital it is likely they took a blood test as part of her assessment there, including testing for her blood alcohol level and any drugs. The doctors would need to know what caused her condition so they could treat her properly. So, there would be that evidence available to you at some later date should you need it.

That the bartender accused you in the circumstances could be nothing more than shifting blame for her extreme condition from him onto someone else. He may have served her when he should not have and you were convenient to accuse. The police do not have probable cause to arrest you with only the bartender's suspicions. Even though you were with her, there were other persons in the bar who could have given her something or, as you said, she could have taken something herself. Where no one saw you give her anything, there is no evidence to charge you with a crime.

Nevertheless, you may want to contact an attorney in case the police seek to question you about that night. You may want to decline to speak with them altogether and it is never a good idea to talk to the police without an attorney even if you did nothing wrong. Any statements you make could be used against you.

Please feel free to ask any follow-up questions.

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