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i met a man online. i sent him nude photos of myself and also

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i met a man online. i sent him nude photos of myself and also conversed with him about life etc... because of conversing with him and being my "friend" he requested payment in the form of meeting and having consensual sex. i have since not wanted to continue sending him pics or conversing with him. he has threatened to expose the photos that were sent on a company cell phone as well as send to my husband who i am separated from and almost divorced. do i have any grounds here for extortion or black mail?
Welcome to JustAnswer.

I am sorry to hear that this person is trying to do this to you. What he is doing is a crime. In some states and under the common law it would be called blackmail. In Pennsylvania it is called Theft by Extortion (see link to statute below).

I would suggest you do one of two things.

(1) Report him to the police, or
(2) Hire an attorney to write him a cease and desist letter advising him that his conduct is illegal and will be reported to law enforcement if it continues.

If you want to prosecute, definitely do the first option. It's free and the cops will take it from there. The second option is if you are primarily concerned about your privacy and the event becoming disclosed publicly.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

ok. i went to the police yesterday and they said they couldn't help me. the only thing that i have of his, is his mobile number. i do not know his last name.

(1) Ask to speak to a supervisor at the police department. You may have to be persistent. If you cannot get any relief there, you might try your local district attorney's office. You cannot force the police to investigate a crime but with persistence and going up the chain of command they usually will. Call or write the police chief if you have to.

(2) The police can subpoena the subscriber information for that phone number and find out who it belongs to.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for this. Should i send him this information so maybe he would stop or should i just go to the police and like you said be persistent? Also, he is in delaware and i am in pennsylvania. does that matter?

(1) There's nothing wrong with advising him that his conduct is a crime and that you will go to the police if he does not cease immediately.

(2) The multiple states factor doesn't really change anything although it may make it a little more work for the police in that if they wanted to interview him or try to seize his phone they would have to travel to Delaware. They may not be willing to expend those resources on this kind of case.