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What Countries can I visit if I have a felony record

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What Countries can I visit if I have a felony record
Hello Jacustomer,

Each country decides that for itself and this is an area that changes frequently because of social policy and political issues. There is no such thing as a reliable list of which countries will allow you to visit with a criminal record. Additionally, some countries allow some former offenders in but not others depending on the specific nature and seriousness of their crime.

If you are looking to travel somewhere, the only safe way to proceed is to contact that country's Embassy in the US and ask them if you'd be able to visit. They would know for sure what their laws were as to this. If you are told that your felony bars you from entering, ask the Embassy whether the country offers some sort of a waiver for people in your position. If such a waiver is available, for a fee, you could get papers from the Embassy that would could show upon entry and which would allow you in after all.

Good luck!
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