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I live in Dallas, TX where police and federal investigators

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I live in Dallas, TX where police and federal investigators just busted a prostitution ring that operated out of Asian massage parlors. I am worried because I have been to two of the massage parlors in the investigation. My phone number and a couple of text massages are sure to be on the records that police have seized (although nothing sexual or anything to do with money was ever discussed). Am I at risk for being dragged into this? And also, are police allowed to have hidden cameras inside the massage parlors as part of their investigation?

Thank you so much for your responses.
Hi Jacustomer,

It is possible that police might be interested in the client list, but they are not going to know what you did there. Presumably, like most massage parlors, it conducted both legal and illegal business on the premises, which would make it difficult to prove a case ageinst you beyond a reasonable doubt.

I would not worry too much about this. The police would almost certainly not have been able to get a warrant to install hidden cameras. They could get the same evidence with a stake out and phone taps.

If police contact you for any reason do not discuss your presence at these parlors. You are not required to cooperate if you're a suspect in criminal activity. You have a Constitutional right to get a lawyer and be advised before saying anything to the authorities. So if they call you and ask you to come in and assist them, do not do so until you have talked to a local lawyer who may want to go with you, since anything you say about this to anyone other than your lawyer can be used against you.
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