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Zoey_ JD
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I got the ticket which I didnt aware of I have to appear to

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I got the ticket which I didn't aware of I have to appear to the court. Now the due date has been passed and I realize that the case status became 853.7/21 Warrant (non-traffic). I am afraid of how to fix this issue. Can I get the attorney help to get out from this problem?
Hello Jacustomer,

The longer you wait, the more of a problem that this will become. Only the court that issued a warrant can lift the warrant for you.

If you only recently missed your date and the warrant out against you is new, you can go to court and talk to the clerk of the court to get your case put back on the calendar and the warrant lifted. The more time that you have waited after you missed your date, the better the chance that you should not go back to court unless you do so with a lawyer.

If you are afraid to go to court and appear on the warrant because you think that the judge might put you in jail (he has that power) then what you have to do is to hire a lawyer to go to jail on your behalf and lift the warrant. In a matter like this, which probably was not all that serious in the first place, a lawyer is generally able to lift the warrant and get you a new date so that you can come in and finish up your case.
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