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Dear FranL I can scan company registration forms showing

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Dear FranL
I can scan company registration forms showing the directors and
secretary of NEEC Research
& Technologies, - this company has gone into liquidation -
The passport numbers of these directors and secretary, are shown on
the Register of Directors and Secretaries
in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and these forms show their passport numbers.
Can a passport photo be obtained, so I can identify if these are some
of the peoplewho are involved in scamming money from me. regards cckristy

I am sorry for the delay, but I went to sleep very early last night.

Unfortunately, passport information is not public information. There is nowhere you canlook something like that up on line. You'd need the Malaysian government to assist you in fiding the photos that match a passport number, and since that is protected information, I don't know that they would be willing to give that out without a court order.

About the only thing you could do is to go to the Malaysian Embassy in your country with your list, explain your situation and ask if they could pull up the pictures on the passports. Nobody would do this for you in my country or yours without a court order, and if they say no, trying to obtain one would be your next step.

Scammers never use their real names and contact information, so expecting any one of the photos to match the person in the company that you think scammed you will lead to disappointment. In fact, since it is highly unusual for a corporate registry to use passport numbers (company registration numbers, yes) and since I don't even know that the list you got in Malaysia is any more real than the people who scammed you, I don't think you're likely to be successful.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the overwhelming number of scammers get clean away with their frauds, because they know just how impossible it is to trace them..

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Fran L, Thanks for you information. The manager at the companies

office in Kuala Lumpur was very approachable. So I will first enquire

with her about the passport photos. Do you know how I can find out

if Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, has an electoral role, that I could look;up the names and addresses of the directors and secretary of NEEC that I already have on the register of directors and secretaries, to check out if their names are XXXXX XXXXX list and if they are still at the same address.


Also if I paid with an International Money Order to the bank account

of NEEC Research, would this be able to be a way to trace the owners of the

bank account.


I have not been able to find an official corporate registry for Malaysian businesses which would reveal the the name of their principal officers. Most third world countries do not have them, while yours and mine and other major world powers have them online and searchable to the public.

You would either have to go there to look up records, which you appear to have already done or to hire a private investigator to do it for you.

I do not know the laws of Malaysia. In my country and yours banks would keep that information private without a court order.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Fran, I am following up with Malaysia Embassy in Australia for the passport photos and address of the directors, of NEEC Research & Technology, I previously asked you about this matter.

These same scammers are also involved with

a company in America, and I actually found this company Reman Holdings LLC on the internet. I was sent a money transfer from Mr. Scott Walter showing he had contributed $200,000 to help pay for a fee to the Federal Reserve - this would be a forgery.

and I was being asked to put in $160,000 to pay the balance of the bank

fee. The name of the company is Reman Holding LLC and is in the USA.

I sent $25 to this companies bank account to see if it went through and it did. All money sent for the fee was to be sent to Reman Holding LLC

then I was told, when they had the full amount, this would be paid to

the Federal Reserve New York.

I rang up the managing director of Reman Holding LLC and he said

that he was going to contact the FBI - he never did. This is the first

person that I think maybe a link to all the scammers. I have

copies of the money transfer, the picture of the managing director.

Mr. Walter Scott is suppose to live in the United Kingdom and

I was told he was a bank manager at Northern Rocks Bank. - Can you look at a bank statement and tell me if you think this is real or a forgery

- can I scan this to you.





I am afraid that while every banks bank statements do the same thing, that is, reflect a month's account action, each one has a format that is all its own. I would not be able to recognize a false bank statement unless it was a poor cut and paste affair. But anyone with photo editing software can replace the logo on top of a statement with the logo from another bank.

What I can tell you, however, is that Northern Rock Bank does not exist any longer, and you would think that a bank manager would know it. The bank was in trouble and was bought out by Virgin. The bank is now called Virgin Money. The buy out occurred in 2011 and by 2012, the bank's name had changed. You can see an old site that announces the change. (see link) The whois shows that it was last updated in 2011.