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Can a probation officer enter your home without warrant in

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Can a probation officer enter your home without warrant in Ontario?

Not unless there is some specific power allowing that in a probation order. Other than that, a probation officer has no powers at all to enter into any private residence.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

what does specific power mean?

The probation order would have to say something such as "the person under probation shall allow his residence to be searched by a peace officer or probation officer up to 3 times in any 7 day period, without any requirement for a warrant or probable grounds for a search". This is not at all a common term, and would usually only be included if a person was on probation for certain offences such as trafficking in drugs, weapons, or other illegal concerns. Without such language, the probation officer cannot search. The probation officer could not use some general term, such as some orders may say that a person. " will follow all lawful instructions of the probation officer" and try to use that as authority or a house search.