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I had a breakdown/relapse and ended up with a prostitute in

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I had a breakdown/relapse and ended up with a prostitute in Las Vegas who has been blackmailing me and twice I have paid. She knows I am a doctor and the spelling of my name. I engaged in self destructive behavior.
Threatening to put audio recording she says she has of me on Jerry Springer which I think is untrue and no pics video. I have enlisted a pi and lawyer but have cut off contact. She had twice said she was done than asked for a favor for a little more
After ignoring her she texted back she was going to submit the recording.
She is a transexual prostitute to make it worse.
I'm hoping she'll move on to someone else as assume she's done this before.
Any advice appreciated.

Legal-Guru :

Welcome to JustAnswer.

Legal-Guru :

You essentially have three options, (1) Keep paying -- I do not believe she will go away as long as she thinks she can get more money. (2) Ignore her and hope she goes away. (3) Report her extortion to the police.

Legal-Guru :

I would suggest the third option. She is most likely not to do anything else once she is contacted by the police.

Customer: Thx but if so won't my name and this issue become public?
That is possible. It depends on whether the case is actually prosecuted and goes to trial. Most instances like this even though technically public record are not media worthy or generally known unless the person is a celebrity.

There is one more option that you may want to try first. You could have your attorney write her a cease and desist letter informing her that if her contact continues he will notify the police. That may stop her extortion without disclosing anything publicly.

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