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in mn is dui conditional release the same as parole or will

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in mn is dui conditional release the same as parole or will i go to unsupervised probation and also what are the conditions to travel out of state overnight for work being on just conditional release?

Conditional release is usually like parole or probation where you will be supervised by an agent or officer. Conditional release, as the name suggests, comes with a number of conditions that are set and the agent ensures that you are meeting all of the conditions. The basic conditions for traveling for work is to get permission from your officer or agent before leaving. Be very sure to review your conditional release documents, however. As conditions may vary, you will want to ensure that that is in fact the only requirement and the court has not imposed additional or different conditions on interstate travel. Judges rarely alter the standard terms and conditions, but it doesn't hurt to review the documents just to be certain you are following them.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

They are telling me (my agents) that on parole i can only leave the state for up to 2 weeks at a time up to 3 times per calender year on parole (which ends july 29, 2013) and remains the same on conditional release. I can not find anything that states this. Also, I know many people on parole that are being allowed to travel out of state for work that greatly exceeds the 2 weeks or the total of 6 weeks per year. This is mainly what I am in need of to know. Any ideas?


Conditional release is imposed by the commissioner of corrections, and the commissioner is basically given the authority to impose whatever reasonable conditions on conditional release that he sees fit. So he may have imposed the restrictions on travel outside of the state. You may want to try contacting the commissioner's office to see how you can go about requesting a modification of the terms of your conditional release to allow for additional work-related travel. The information for the commissioner's office is located on this website:
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