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Can policeman get information off inmates phone to incriminate

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Can policeman get information off inmate's phone to incriminate another person?

dkennedy :


dkennedy :

Yes, they can because phone calls are allowed and it is common knowledge that they are taped. Therefore, anything that is said to an inmate is not private nor confidential information. Unfortunate, but true. They are not looking to incriminate anyone else, but can do it if they want to because the taping is completely legal.

dkennedy :

Or if you mean getting texts or whatever, that is a yes, as well because they confiscate the phones when someone is arrested. Under most circumstances, if it is on the person, the copes will search it and use the info any way they can to get anyone else.

Customer: This information was retrieved off a personal cell(mobile) phone not jail house. The information was retrieved after personal was booked
dkennedy :

They do that all the time. They are allowed to look through anything confiscated from a person who is taken into custody (booked) in a jail. They often get numbers, texts, names, etc. and use them to arrest others for drugs, or whatever.

dkennedy :

The person can always fight it, though, saying it was an illegal search of the phone. But, not too successful, I think.

Customer: Ok. Thanks. If a person had charges drop. Do they still hav e to pay bail bondman
dkennedy :

Yes, whatever the agreement is to get out of jail. That's how the bondsmen make so much money.

Customer: Ok thx.
dkennedy :

You're welcome.

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