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I am in Tennessee, My grandson 15 years old was over a so called

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I am in Tennessee, My grandson 15 years old was over a so called friends house, whos mother was out of town, a neighbor purchased him and the other 3 boys a couple of cases of beer(80 bottles) My grandson has not ever had a drink so he was very drunk they went out in the boys neighborhood any car the was unlocked the looked in and stole things like sunglasses etc nothing major. A neighbor had camera surveillance and knew who the boys were except my grandson. The police handcuffed and arrested the boys, one of the kids 17 had a lengthy record in which my grandson just met him that night. He was taken to juvenile and then to the hospital because of alcohol and later booked. He appeared in court charged with 3 counts burglary,drunk,evading police. The judge is keeping him in juvenile even though he has never ever been in trouble, he has a mental health therapist, he is on ADHD medication,he has a part time job.Yes I know what he did is very wrong, he was not raised that way, even though he is 15 is scared and I would like to know in Tennessee is there anyway a juvenile can get bailed out until their trail date.
Thanks for the chance to assist on this matter. I am an attorney with over 12 years experience in criminal law.

The juvenile justice system and the adult criminal justice systems are similar in some ways. For example there are rights to a lawyer in both systems and there are rules of evidence and procedure that govern how the trial proceeds. But unlike the criminal justice system, there is no right to bail in the juvenile system.

So the state can hold the child until the say of their trial.

The key difference between the juvenile system and the adult system is that the juvenile system is geared towards rehabilitation. The state has a strong interest in not having juvenile offenders remain in the juvenile and later criminal justice system. So the rules and procedures are geared towards rehabilitation and not punishment.

So if this is a first offense, I would not expect continued stay in juvenile hall.

But one factor that the court will be concerned with is the family situation

The court will want to ensure that his parents are exercising good supervision over the child.

If this behavior is not typical, and the parents have a plan to keep the child out of further trouble, I would expect the court to award probation (a period of time where the child is required to report, on occasion, to a probation officer and to stay out of further trouble).

What can you do? Support the parents if they have this under control.

If, on the other hand, the parents are not exercising proper parental skills, you could consider asking the court (the family court, not the juvenile court) to award you custody of the child.

Let me know if you have more questions...happy to assist if I can
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